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Indico Solutions offer technology solutions that allow guideline developers to distribute their clinical guidelines to the broadest audience in an efficient manner.

Website Analytics

The Indico CGP utilizes an analytics engine to determine the level of use of guidelines.

Project Reporting

A reporting engine allows developers to review the status and metrics of the guideline development.

Reference Management

Link imported references to specific sections of content.

Guideline updating

The application facilitates both minor and full updates to guideline content.

“The need for clinical guidelines has increased as medical care has become more complex”

Guideline Metadata

Metadata including ICD-9 codes Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code and keywords can be added to all aspects of the guideline content.

Data files

Data file exports of guideline recommendations can be built with associated ICD-9, CPT and NDC codes.

Peer Review Functionality

The Indico CGP has a structured Review process which replicates the track changes process used in Microsoft Word.

EHR Integration – Web services

The Indico CGP, due to its database design, facilitates seamless EHR integration of guideline content.

Recommendation Voting

Formal voting processes for recommendations based on the Modified Delphi technique can be undertaken in the system.

Evidence Tables

The Indico CGP links all of the evidence tables directly to the guideline recommendations.